About Us

How Did We Get Here?

How did custom flower preservations start? It all started with a Buffalo Bride and a love of flowers. Wedding flowers were always my favorite part of the day back when I was a part-time wedding photographer. The colors they bring and the memories they hold, its something that just makes the day. Plus, they smell great! When it was time for my big day, I did the most planning on selecting my flowers and where to find them. They meant more to me than just decoration for the night. I meticulously picked the colors, textures, number of stems, and of course, finding the right price for my budget! Then I thought, what if I could save them forever?

Fast forward past many trials of drying carnations, roses, and hydrangeas where I found what works. There are some ways of drying flowers, like hang drying them, that just don’t give you the same look, but instead dull, wrinkly, shrunk flowers. No fun. I have heard of freeze-drying, but that wasn’t for this DIY bride. Alas, I found silica gel. Similar to the stuff you get with your new pair of shoes, silica gel will pull the moisture from the flowers faster than air drying while leaving them with bright colors and minimal shrinkage. Perfect!

Why Book With Us?

After I had success with my own bouquet, I could only feel that other brides should be able to have what I did – wedding flowers that will last forever. For over 10 years I always wondered how I could get back into the wedding industry and bring joy to other brides that deserved something special from their special day. I finally figured out how to use my creative side for good. What came out of it all is “Forever Flowers of Western New York” so anyone can save their flowers that had memories that mean the most. I would be honored to preserve your flowers to make your memory forever.

No matter the occasion, you can have your forever flowers.