Our Creations

We can offer a variety of resin flower preservations, all you need to add are your flowers for a custom piece!

Resin Block Creations

Made from professional-grade epoxy resin and handcrafted meticulously to prevent bubbles or air pockets to the best ability. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation. Don’t see the resin shape you want? We still may be able to provide it! We currently do not offer letters or trays. All blocks have a depth of 2.25-3″ depending on the flowers preserved except the nameplate which is 1″ depth.

Hexagon Block

8″ – $275 (shown in photo)

6″ – $185

Our most popular piece!

Square Block

10×10″: $385

8×8″: $300 (shown in photo)

6×6″: $200

10×7″ Rectangle Block


5×7″ Bookends

$160 for one (L or R)

$300 for both sides

12×4″ Nameplate


Depth: 1″

Includes one basic color option shown below

Custom colors are available at request starting at $10.

purple and pink sola wood flowers in standing circle resin block

Standing Circle


7″ diameter

*Sola wood flowers are shown in this block

Gem Block


Beveled edge around the frame of the gem.

8″H x 6″W x 2.4″D

Hanging Circle


Full circle with an indentation for rope. Will hang on a wall.

6″ diameter, 2″ depth

Additional Resin Items (Add-on Only)

At least one resin block creation must be ordered to include an add-on.

Diamond Ring Holder


Round Ornament


Frosted sides and back (makes it more visible on the tree)

**Small flowers and broken petal bits only, only about 1″ deep

Mini Gem


Beveled edge around the frame of gem.

4.75”H x 4.25”W x 2.4”D

Wine Stopper

**Small flowers/broken petal bits only


Tealight Candle Holder


Tealight candles may be burned inside the holder as long as the flame does not touch the resin.

mini glass with purple hydrangas

Mini Glass


Great to hold a small flower, paperclips, etc.

Not suitable for use as a shot glass with alcohol.

Vinyl Embedded in Resin

Add your name, date, or logo to any resin block. Vinyl will be encased in the resin and will not be removable.


Ask about custom colors and fonts!

purple painted board with colors printed in vinyl

Frosted Block

Choose to ‘”frost” the back and sides of the block to highlight your flowers.

$35: sides and back

$20: back only